Monday, April 22, 2013

-Suicide is a drug-

-Suicide is a Drug-
You start cutting thinking it'll be alright
When your dead there's no more living in fright
But what happens when you don't succeed, when you don't die?
With everyone knowing what you did how will you get by?
If you've done it once you'll do it again
Trust me I've been round every curve, every bend
I started to cut when my friends died
Not naturally, but committed suicide
When I do take a knife and I slice my own skin
Its depressing but it sometimes help the situation I'm in
When your lonely and the whole road is layered with slabs of pain
Your only thought " To stab yourself again"
Now cutting isn't the only way to die
There's other ways, I know because I try
What about a thick rope and wrapping it around your neck?
The only problem about that is, I can't stop all the reflex
Of course there's getting a gun, but where do I get it from?
Its as hard as finding the perfect dress
But what if I did  get one? would I shoot the bullet and become..dead?
It would shoot out all the worries that quickly pace through my head
An overdose of drugs that's easy to do
 It said to only take a few pain killers, but I took 122
And I would have to sit on the floor cause
When I stood, I fell down, I wasn't stable
When I wake up, I'll be lying in a bed in a hospital
Or maybe how about electrocuting yourself in the bath
Drop a toaster in there while your on the warpath?
And in a split second you will be alive no more
You'll just be a body left dead like the washed up whales on the seashore
There's one problem with all the above
Its that they affect the people you love
Wouldn't you hate it if somebody you loved had to die?
Think how you would feel, there's a reason why die rhymes with cry
Whether you are slitting your wrists
Or beating yourself up with your own fists
Don't get started and if you have..try to stop
For everybody's sake get rid of the pills so there's no more to pop
Next time you see someone who looks so glad
Remember that really it might be a mask, they might actually be sad
So stride up to them and hope that some day
Someone will do the same to you and give them a hug
Because remember if they start self harm they won't be able to stop...Suicide is a drug!

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