Monday, April 22, 2013

I miss You

-I miss You-
I miss the way you were so mean
I miss the different hair colors
I miss the way you would act
The way you would need a smoke
The emptiness of our voices on the phone
The guitar playing with your music
The way you would sing
How you would deny it
The long conversations outside
The ones that lasted hours
I miss being alone with you
The way you would be so flirty
And be so cute when nobody was watching
I miss ho much bigger your hands were to mine
The way you looked so fine
The smile when you got your way
The way you were so stingy
I miss you acting tough and strong
How you thought you were never wrong
The way your hand always found mine
There are so many things I miss about you
But mostly and plain fully said
I just miss you!

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