Monday, April 22, 2013

Double LIfe

-Double Life-
So I find myself laying here in my bed
With a pen and paper in hand
Listening to music trying to clear my head
Trying to get my emotions out
Hating how I feel inside and being so down
Sick of hiding this frown
Not having anyone who understands
All these mix emotions I can't explain
Wanting them all to go away
Wanting to do nothing but place blame
These feelings, these emotions I can't bare
Wondering why they wont just disappear
Always just leaving me with a blank stare
From being sad, happy, angry
Misunderstood by everyone around me
Just wanting someone to be able to see
That there is something wrong with me
But all everyone does see is the "smile"
The smile which is perfect to misguide
Everyone who encounters that's all they see
Hell I'd even call myself a pro
A pro of misleading everyone around me
With not one person expecting anything
If only they knew what I hold inside
Its like I'm living a double life.

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