Monday, April 22, 2013

-Never Forget-

-Never Forget-
Pain and Crying
Lingering still are thoughts of dying
Sadness and depression
Another one of lifes hard lessons
Rage and fury
The life I live has become to blurry
On my I lay
But not to my dismay
For the cut that was cut
Has pierced the skin to deep
My body is motionless
I am to weak
My world is spinning
And your name I cry out
I guess you can't hear me
For I am not ready to go
I have friends, family
And I know they'll miss me so
God please, I am begging you
Just do me one more favor...
Let me live
And I'll try and stop my destructive behavior
I'm telling you, I'm not ready to die
There's to much going for me
I haven't even met the perfect guy
But if in the end of this, I do die
I have one last wish
Let everyone know my love for them flows deep
And that I will never forget.

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